Monday, January 11, 2010


Yummy...I had a day off and I have been wanting to try and make marshmallows. They turned out pretty darn good. I was attempting to dip them in chocolate but that was to time consuming and decided to just drizzle instead. YUMMY!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year...

It's been awhile since I last posted. It's been a crazy year. This time last year I was in the process of getting hired. February 24Th will be my year and a day. That means my probation will be over and I will be put in a position to work for a full year. I've been kicked around working a variety of shifts and locations. I have landed on swings in the main jail but until my year and a day is up it can be changed at any time. I feel like this whole year I have been on the edge. Working on not having any issues at work either with my performance or with other officers. There appears to be very fragile ego's and Senior officers who run badge heavy with the new hires. But there is a lot of great officers there too. I thank God for them.
I have put my workouts and home on hold for this last year. I have been selfish and grumpy with my family. Not working out makes me irritable and just BITCHY! My diet is horrble. And my digestive system is out of whack. I need to get back on track. So, what I have done was to join weight watchers and start P90X..again! Please Lord help me with this mission....Peace...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

COA Graduation......

I did it....I graduated the COA. These were long days. It was nerve racking, a lot of sweat, studying, physical training, marching, testing and a lot of laughing. Maybe we were all getting a little crazy but it may be the only way to get through this experience. I have been back at Mordor now for a week on day shifts. So far so good. I am not sure when I will be given a permanent shift. It will be either swings or graves. I prefer swings that's where you get the most action. Maybe I worded that wrong. Your the busiest at that time and the time go's by fast. Thank you for following my experience on the journey. But I have been informed that the Dept. frowns on any blogging or any on line stories about what goes on inside Mordor. My next goal will be to make my probation on Feb 24Th. Of course I will continue to blog about my other life stories and will try to do it as often as I use to. Peace....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Correction Officer Academy...COA

I can't believe I have already completed a week at the academy. We are a class of 30 officers from approximately 7 counties across the state. I have to say that no other county has a group that are as close as mine. We all carpool together and all go out to lunch together and we truly all get along and have each others back. I hope it stays that way.
On our first day when I walked into class I noticed all of us officers were all assigned seats. To my disappointment all counties were split up. I also saw that at my assigned seat, a sign stating that I am the tables team leader. By chance or by design, I'm not sure. I understand that this facility is also the training academy for deputies, police and other law enforcement officers. And since law enforcement is considered para military marching and cadence is part of the curriculum. UMmmm To my horror of course. We went out to learn this. Left Left Left Right Left, Attention, Present Arms. Parade Rest and some other things I can't remember Oh..and don't forget to do the 4 count push ups. The Training Officers said not bad. They did call out one of my guys and suggested he review a DVD. The look on his face and I knew what he was thinking. At the end of class I asked to borrow the DVD for myself. I viewed it at home and returned it the next morning. After we went out to march we came back and sat down for class. As I sat there I watched the instructor march over placed the DVD right back down in front of me turned and walked away with no words exchanged. As he placed in down it was like slow motion to me. Everyone at my table watched and as it sat there and then I said "And it's back." I looked up and everyone started laughing, even me. Crap I knew I sucked. It's important that we look good because we are as Corrections are not entirely respected by other Law Enforcement departments. We are changing that. We all must be bound by professionalism and brotherhood. So we will be marching with the other departments. So far the week has gone well.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Potato Bugs and A Happy Thought

First I would like to apologize to my readers or I mean reader. I have been so busy in Mordor and a bit depressed about my experiences there. I will explain that all in another post. I am no longer under a FTO but am on my own now. I feel a little lighter in my mood.
This morning on my way into Mordor I am looking down in contemplation about my duties and how my day is going to be. When I spied a little bug crossing the walkway. "Hey" I say to myself "Look it's a potato bug". Back in my in my kid years these were the ultimate pet for those who had none. They are like a bug armadillo. They roll up when handled, don't squish to easily and they don't bite. PERFECTO....Watching it make it way across the path, brought a smile in my mind about how much fun and fascination they brought me in my youth. Thanks my little friend.......

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Shiny Shoes...

OK.. I am on swing shifts now. Parking is a bear this time of day so I go a bit early to give myself plenty of time to park and walk. As I had plenty of time after I got there I decided to sit in the locker room and study. A woman walks in and walks straight up to me, shakes my hand and introduces herself. In my mind I was like wow this is great not to many women have really talked to me at all. So she proceeds to her locker and asks me questions like.. How do you like it so far? Where are you working today? How long have you been in the jail? On and on as she dresses for work. Then she just bust out and says you got to get rid of those shoes they make you look stupid. As I looked up to respond, I spy the 3 stripes on her arm and I shut my trap and swallowed my gulp of air. Crap...I just say "Yes Mam." In my mind I was like What the F... The inmates even comment about my shoes and they think I am more important then anyone else. I like that. So the next day I wear my black combat like police boots. I see her and she looks down and says "Much better" Then she looks at the the men sitting there and says "She was wearing those shiny class A shoes that made look like a doofus." No one said a thing and she walks out. Then a awkward silence happens. And then I turn and walk out. But let me tell you all, that when I showed up on my first day with my shiny shoes I noticed everyone else shoes got shinier too.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mordor..with my FTO Mr. W

I just finished my 2 weeks of day shift training. Now onto graveyard shifts. My experience with my first FTO Mr.W, was positive. He was honest, and fair in his evaluation of my performance. We got along well and I am sure he is relieved that I am on to other FTO's. I appreciate his time and effort these last 2 weeks. Thanks Officer W.
There is only one incident since my last post that has been bothering me and is on my mind. There was a young man there that clearly not in his right mind. He was stripped and put in high security. He had no running water and was on suicide watch. When a med nurse came by and we went to administer his meds I realized he was just a kid really. Talking random things, like short stories of maybe things he heard or lived. He was confused he was lost mentally. He clearly was mentally disabled. And probably needed meds as an everyday thing. But somehow someone failed to take care of him. Now he is here. He needs to be in a hospital where he can be taken care of. He walked and talked in monotone, random thoughts my entire shift. He had vomited and urinated all over his cell. When I went to give him some water he saw a bar of soap just outside his cell telling me that it was a brownie and that if I gave it to him he would eat it. I was asked by a C/O if I ever thought I would be giving water to a grown naked man in jail. I saw this human being as a kid that some family tossed out because he was a hassle to deal with. I did not view him as a man at all just a boy really. Now, don't get me wrong I don't feel for the others that truly deserve to be here. The ones that know they are doing wrong and don't care about anything or anyone else. They stand there purposely trying to be ugly mean, intimidating, disgusting, rude, vulgar,I have no feelings to that. Even the juvenile that are there. They know right from wrong and they chose wrong. Now they got me to deal with! I have no time or concern for their crap.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I just finished a 7 day stretch in Mordor. I have been amongst the worst human beings alive. I am appalled at the rights inmates have. They get TV, 3 square meals, medical care, maternity care, dental care, they have bank accounts that allow them to purchase extra food, phone cards, paper, pencils, stamps, and a large amount of food items. They sleep all day, they get clothes to wear,they have an recreation yard they can visit, church services, they have showers and even get popcorn and movies if they win a formal inspection. And if they feel that they are a target from other inmates they get a private cell(suite). They get directions, rules and punishments when they break the rules. I am sure this is what they are lacking on the outside. I will add that Mordor is not a pretty place, there are no windows, it's cold and smelly but I am sure it's better (for most) then where they come from. A tank of about 25 men broke the rules when I saw they were watching a inappropriate TV channel. I walked in and announced that I took their TV away for the rest of the day. A few moans but I am sure the inmate who switched the channel will hear from the rest of his homey's when he comes back from the clinic. He should be a bit concerned. I learned that (if possible) it's best to have the tank boss on your side. They will keep thing in order and make your job easier. That's if they follow the rules also. Our job's as C/O's is to make sure inmates are not harmed either from other inmates or themselves and that they are cared for appropriately. Hhmmm basically I am a baby sitter for big bad bully's.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Into Mordor...

Well I am now allowed to go into Mordor. Mordor is gray,cold and smelly. I am told Mordor is the 3rd largest facility in this state to hold Mental Health People. For the next month or so I will shadow an FTO (Field Training Officer). I will be observed and graded on everything from safety, appearance, professionalism, multi-tasking, radio operation, report writing and knowing the rules and regulations.
My first day I worked with the worst cases of Mental Health from murderers to those who were on suicide watch. All in a days work my friends.
Oh on a light note...My group was done for the day. We were on out way to our lockers when I noticed the guys were on the elevator with me. They asked me where I was going and I said my locker and I asked them where they were going. (Our lockers are in 2 different areas). They informed me I was on the wrong elevator. I had a quick panic moment thinking OMG I am getting so lost and how am I ever to find my way back. (Note: There were 2 old hires with us on the elevator with us listening.) My friends saw my Oh-Shit moment and started to laugh at me. So when the doors opened I realized this was my stop and got off then the 2 Old Hires told the guys "Hey get off there is only one way out." The 2 Old Hires and myself look back at my guys and realized THEY were on the wrong elevator and lost. We laughed so hard at them. The next day our FTO informed us that that Mordor has eyes and ears. And then proceeded to tell us everyone in Mordor had a good laugh at the joke they tried to play on me, and backfired on them.
Also I had a "L" on my forhead when I made a radio call that sounded like I was stuttering. Control received my call then stuttered back and was laughing while doing it. So my FTO was like "Man what a burn". So he felt I needed to redeem myself and made another call. They came back and said the call was much better. OK these calls and remakes are made for all to hear. So I made everyone laugh at me. See the "L" on my forehead.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bee's in Water Polo....

We'll in other news. My daughter Bee turned 16 last weekend. We planned a day with her but she preferred to be on her own with her friends. SAY WHAT!? I couldn't believe it. Since when did she not want to be with us. I have to be reminded that she is 16 and I have to remember when I was 16. I had more freedom then I give her but I was more street smart also. My Bee is also in the sport Water Polo. I can not believe how aggressive this sport is. Girls pulling hair, holding each other under water, punching, black eyes, tearing off swimsuits, vomiting. At first I was worried she would bail out of the sport but after a couple of weeks she's really into it. Way to go, Bee. She is the lightest weight in there and I think she secretly loves the aggressiveness of the sport. She can relieve some stress. That my kid, for sure.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mordor...Firearm Training

This week was no walk in the park. It was freezing and the pace was fast. I'm not so sure about the way it was taught. I am usually a pretty good marksman but this week I couldn't of been worse. There were several factors freezing cold, my sights were off until (they discovered a few hours in),my nerves and the stress I put on myself. I was my own worst enemy out there. I take criticism well but I HATE being yelled at and belittled. As my whole team was. If I didn't need this job I would of verbally told them what I was thinking. It was really very horrible. They dropped the F-Bomb in almost every sentence they spat out. I guess when I think about this week and that most of instructors were harsh but fair. It was just one Deputy T that really should not teach or even be in the presence of new hires. He was rude, flippant, arrogant, self riotous, made you feel stupid asking questions, and talked so fast it sounded like a foreign language. I would say he should not be a representative of our Deputy's. When you have 6 new students handling pistols it's best not to make them frustrated and nervous, it's not conducive to the exercise being taught. But by the end I do realize they may be testing our ability of handling stress. It the new language I learned this last week F-YOU Deputy T.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


This week we prepared with D.T Training. (Defensive Tactics)My body has been slammed to the ground over and over 8 hours everyday this week. And me also throwing men of all sizes to the ground and off of me. Tomorrow we will be in an all out struggle for control with a D.T. trainer. From complacent to non complacent cuffing to an all out fight for control. So I am a bit, well, A LOT nervous. By far the hardest part of this week was Tuesday. We were pepper sprayed and then had to fight through it. I NEVER WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN. It hurt more then you know. Let me show you. This is video of what your instructors don't want to see. Because you are sent home with no job.

This is not video from my class it's against Dept policy to video or post pix's from our training.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Journey Into Mordor

I started my journey into Mordor. As I started my first day I met my team. 5 men and myself. We were directed to a table with books that were labeled with our names. As
we sat and filled out paper work and talked what our training schedule would be.
Us six were chosen out of 600. Then before we left for the day we were informed we were seated in a specific order according to our scores. Myself sitting in the second position. So cool. I already have seniority over 4. But before we enter into Mordor we first must train in all areas from legal to etiquette, fear, intimidation whats accepted and not. I must learn the map of all the look alike corridors. And to know everything you do and say will be heard my the control room. They can hear a pin drop. (Note to self-no burping, farting or picking anything.) And never press the button twice to let you travel through the bared gates that keep you in or out
because it's rude to the control room and they may take their time doing so. Do not be RUDE! We took our tour to the tippy-top. To where the ladder we a strip of metal and the view was remarkable and the wind was nippy to the bottom depths of rumbling motors and machinery that keep Mordor in running condition. And we were lost the whole time.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mocha Cappucino Meringue Cupcake

Do I need to say more....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweetheart Wine Walk

Well my Pita did her Theatre show. Our towns downtown shops participated in a wine tasting event. While the public came down and tasted different wines at the shops, Petra and her actors did live theatre for the people. The show was set in the 40'S and it was a wedding theme. So you had your wedding party, photographer,minister and bakers. They would all walk around town engaging people in conversation and asking them to come to the wedding. The wedding was to be held at the local floral shop in town they also made the brides flower bouquet. The kitchen shop allowed us to use their store front window as the bakery. 40's style music was played. Crowds of people were dressed pretty and got more tipsy as the evening went. And the more tipsy the more people participated in the show. Some really thought it was real. The bakers were quite the show. They were puzzled by my Pitas fake accent. Not sure what is was. (In near future must tell Pita not to do accents people get offended). Well Pita is 13 and her accent was kind of made up. But if she were older it could be taken as an adult doing a bad racial joke. Well her scene was a Lucy and Ethel skit. They are rushed and take off to the wedding and drop the cake on the way. They did this 4 times during the show. It was really funny. Here are some pixs. I will be getting more pix's of other scenes. I was just sent these. Pita's the taller of the 2 bakers

Yup... thats my Pita on the ground...Peace...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bon-Bons A.K.A Ding-Dong Balls

I've been working on an bite size treat for Valentines. My Pita is in another Theatre Production on Valentines. Downtown shops are allowing Ascensions Prod. to use there shops to support their "Wine Walk". Where shoppers can enjoy treats and different wines in all the shops. And in the shops there will be a different scene. The show is set in the 40's. And it's a wedding. So you have last minute frantic gift buyers, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, Priest and the cake bakers all scrambling to make it to the wedding. So my Pita is the cake baker and her assistant is to do a Lucy and Ethel scene slapping the cake together and running to the event while the cake is topsy turvy and eventually falls. They will run the scene 3 to 4 times during this event. Anyhoo, the cast party is what I am trying to provide some Valentine treats for. My friend Grunch is making the cake. It will be held at a very high end Hall. And big expensive events rent this hall out. So I hope Grunch will get some OOohh's and Ahhhhhss out of her cake. And some business out of it. These pix's are 2 bite size bon-bons I made look like ladybugs. OK, 2 bite size if your lady-like. And I have renamed them Ding-Dong Balls.

Happy Days...Peace

Monday, February 9, 2009

10 "L" Word Things

Here is a "getting to know you game" devised by a fellow blogger. The "rules" are set out below.
1. Leave a comment on this blog and I will assign you a letter.
2. Write about ten things you love that begin with said letter.
3. Post the list on your blog.
4. When people comment on your list, you assign them a letter, and the game continues. The letter L was assigned to me by the lovely Dusty Spider @

L is a hard letter.....

1. Lucky - We all need more luck in our lives..

2. Live- We should all "Live" a good life.

3. Lust- We should lust our life partners more, and they should lust us too.

4. Lick- Hmmm Yeah lick more frosting off of delicious cupcakes.

5. Lunatic- Get over yourself we are all a bit crazy.

6. Liger- Yes, I guess they are real. Made famous in the movie "Napoleon Dynamite". He declared them pretty much his favorite animal.

The liger is a cat born from the breeding of a male lion and a female tiger. This combination produces an offspring with more lionistic features than if the reverse pairing had occurred. That would produce a more tigeristic creature known as a tigon. Both are members of genus Panthera.There is no scientific name assigned to this animal because of it’s human assisted ancestry.

7. Loser- For the loser I am for even researching #6.

8. Learning- Always ready to learn something new. But only if I am interested. Wait...that don't explain #6. Well OK maybe I was, no not really, it's just for this game I agreed to do.

9. Language- I wish I knew any language better.

10. Lunch- I am hungry right now and already thinking about eating lunch. I don't even have cupcakes to lick. I'm such a loser.

Ok, Dusty I struggled through that. Your "D" made it seem this would be easier.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thank You Danette And Dee....

Pita and I took the dogs to the dog park. It was cold and Nero was a bit of a butt. After his escape from the yard last night must of effected his mood. We had to go search for him and trying to find a black dog when it's raining and dark out is like trying to find a black spot in a blackout. We found him in the next neighborhood. In what we call the "Rabbit Zone". He has a dime size ouwie on his forehead and a scratch over his eye. He must of really scraped himself going under the fence. My big goofy Bruty has no athletic skills was left behind. What a good dog he is.
So today we went to the dog park. And he was a bit touchy-grouchy especially with hyper overbearing dogs who come barreling at you in hyper speed.He would bear his pearly white fangs. Then someone asked me again what kind of dogs. And then said he thought they looked part wolf. It stressed me a bit and I knew it was time to go. When we got home Pita went in ahead of me and when I came in the house she was just standing there giving me a big goofy smile. I said "Whats wrong?" and she just kept smiling and looked on the table and there it was. A box for me! Dang! It was SWEET! Flowers that look like a cupcake congratulating me on my new job. I love cupcake flowers No calories and they last longer. Thank You, My Friends! I feel the LOVE!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Job Update...I GOT IT!!!!

I just got the call. The Deputy called me!!!!!! He informed me this was my formal job offer and I start February 23rd 7 AM. Dress professional! This is when they take all our pix for our ID's and a meet and greet of um ...well....Dang...I forgot...but there really important official people....Oh and asked if I was right handed or left handed. You know why? Guess! Yeah! That's right for my gun holster! WOW! After I start my job they do send me to an academy for 4 weeks. Yes, I do believe I get pepper sprayed. Oh and 2 weeks before the academy I have another physical test just like I already done in the beginning.
I can't even express how lucky my family is that after dissolving our business that we both found jobs. Not just job's but careers in today's job market. I can't even think about what it would be like without it. I know that it will be tough on the girls with both of us working but it would be worse without me working. I do it for them for us.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Butterfly Cupcakes

Another cupcake design. These were one of my favorites in the book. What do you think? I am so ready for spring!

Oh, and yes I hand made the butterflys.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Officer

Here is a pix of my Hubby in his uniform. Handsome Huh? You see his van? Well during the flood he was able to bring it home. We parked it out back in the soft dirt and mud. When he got up to go to work at 4 AM, got in the van and realized it was stuck in the mud. I was watching from the house and saw that he was in and out in and out and realized he may need some help. So I went out in my jammies and his slip on shoes and I tried to help by jamming rocks under his tires, trying to get his tires to grip and pushing and then resorting to getting a shovel and pushing some more and 45 min he was unstuck and 15 min late to work. He told his story to his boss and co-workers and they just were like "Yeah uh-ha, that why there's hand prints on the back of the van?" Maybe?! =)
See his van tire ruts.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Super Bowl Spaghetti Cupcakes.....

I was feeling a bit dumpy today. Not in the whole Hubby's game day mood. I needed to do some home stuff. But I did manage to do another cupcake design from my book. Look how cute. And it's all made with good sweet edible foods. And very tasty.

I know it's kind of weird to think pasta and meatballs as dessert but it's whimsical and cute.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Job Update...Psychiatrist Apt.

There is nothing I hate more then talking about myself. Unlike my hubby, I absolutely hate it. But I do it for my family. I went in believing (From the Deputy I talked to Tuesday) that this would be a informal meeting with the Dr. OK, Uh, NO! I was totally taken off guard that the Dr. was a female and young and dressed very nicely. Very stylish and sexy business like. I wish I could be put together like that. She informed me that she was NOT my Psychiatrist but she works for the County Dept and everything we discuss is for the Dept. to know. So we talked about me for 45 min. I was in hell. She informed me that she writes a report about this and it goes in my file and it will be part of my entire package that they will review. I walk out and drove to the Dr H. Office to check the results of my T.B. test. Dr. H gives me my file, I go up to the 3rd floor, wait for a nurse to look at my arm. Nurse calls me in looks at my arm marks clear on my chart, gave it back to me to go back down and return it to Dr. H.. I do and she informs me the chart will be sent to the Dept. by the end of the day. I thanked her and left.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Job Update...

Oh My what a day. I had a complete physical for the Correction job today. And to top it off it started snowing. People start to panic and car wrecks happen and traffic gets horrible. So I left early. I got there about 30 min early so I had brought a book to read "Marley And Me". Good thing I did! When I went in I was to talk to H. Well H was not in yet. So I waited. H showed up 20 min later. We had 10min of forms to fill out. Then sent me to the first Dr. apt is the Eye Dr. in the lobby. I run down and wait and wait. I get called more paper work go through a couple of exams read this and that cover this eye that eye. Take me to another room and put my head in a white box with a pirate eye patch and press a button when I see a light. 100 or more white lights later I am escorted back to wait for the Dr. She comes in said I passed with flying colors and at my age it was remarkable. She looks at my chart and sends me off to the next Dr on the 3rd floor. I go up and its the heart Dr. I sign in and wait get called in took a TB test, BP, HR, and Dr comes in and I breath in and out while he squeezes my tummy. Wished me luck and sent me to the next Dr. on the 1st floor. I go and it's the Audio Dr. I wait, get called in they put me in a cell or I mean box, put head phones on listen for sounds and were done. She said I passed and sent me to my next exam on the 2ND floor. Well I check in and waited. They call me and I get blood drawn and another Pee-Pee test. Signed my chart and back to see Dr. H. Oh she'd just left for her break you can sit and wait. She comes in takes my chart and says come in Thursday so we can check the TB test results. Oh Yippee. And I walk out 3 hours later. Run down to the Correction Dept to take my bubble test. As I go in they have me sign more paper work. I pick up my test he explains it to me I sit and hours later I'm finished and they remind me to be back Thursday for the psychiatrist apt. I made it home just in time to pick up the girls. 7 hours later.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Alien Cupcakes

Look at my attempt at making another cupcake design. You know instead of doing house chores like mopping floors, dusting, vacuuming, laundry on and on and on. But I couldn't help myself. I did change the face of my alien. Instead of 2 antenna
and almond shape eye's. I did the "Toy Story" alien. I think he's much cuter. Plus I couldn't find the candy for the almond shape eyes. Chocolate covered sunflower seeds. I found candy colorful flavored but not chocolate brown ones I needed. So I improvised. I like my idea much better. Peace...

Job Update...Next Requirements

Just as I was second guessing myself I get a call from the Deputy. He said that they reviewed my file and I was accepted to move on to the next phase. He needs 3 things from me this week. First I need another physical by their physician. Second another written physic logical bubble test. I know, I know whats a bubble test. It's one of those test where you pick your answer A,B,C,D or none of the above and then you fill in the circle or bubble with none other then a #2 pencil. And the third requirement is actually talking to the Physiologist about your answers on the bubble test and hopefully he thinks your OK and gives his recommendation to the Sheriff's Department. My hubby's advice to me. "Don't open your mouth.Don't speak." Funny Huh?Shhh...I kind of agree...Then we laughed....I guess you had to be there.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Job Update...

Well, it's been awhile since I posted anything about this part of my life. I am still waiting too. After passing the polygraph I have been fingerprinted, urine tested and took the first of the Physc tests. And then I scheduled a Jail Tour the day of the flood. But it's been over a month and I am still waiting for a call on the next requirement. Eveyday that passes witout a call the more I wonder if I am still considered for the position. I am assured they will let me know one way or another. But waiting is so difficult.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snowed In....

OK, as you might know I worked at another job as Assistant Special Event Coordinator. Oh and since the New Year I just found out I got a raise. Ya-Hoo. We created this by bringing in 25 huge dump trucks of snow. Then we shovel it around. Sounds easy Huh? Uh NO, because the snow was like glacier ice. It needed to be broken up in bits then shoveled and flattened. It was ice chunks. Saturday was the actual event and it was a 12 hour day. But it turned out really cool. Games, crafts, live band, 4 huge bounce toys, food, smores around a fire pit, a snowman building contest, horse carriage rides around the lake, 2 snow playgrounds, and a sledding hill. Oh, and I got to be frosty. I fought it but I lost. Kids and parents are like yelling "Frosty,Frosty!" Lot's of hugs and pictures. Your totally loved and when you take the frosty costume off you come out and have love withdrawals. You look at the people and want to wave and give high fives but you are no longer frosty,and no longer loved. Withdrawals are a bitch. Must be a bit like famous people who are no longer famous.

March Of The Penguins...

Well, Well, Well My FRIENDS went out without me. And when I found out they bought me a "Pity Present". Sweet Huh. They swear it's not. But, is or isn't I still got a sweet gift out of it. This book is all about cool cupcakes. I decided since I just got done doing a "Snowed In" event. The penguins were a good choice to start with. Yes, can you believe it. They turned out darn cute.

I can't wait to try another design.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dr. Visit MD

While we had our business we didn't have medical insurance. Now that hubby works for the state, we do. It's nice to know that you can go now, and not stress about the bill. So I went and got a full physical. It's been 3 years since I've seen my Dr. Can I say how I hate waiting in the Dr's office. Well I went in and 2 hours later I came back out. I think I saw her for a full 5-6 minutes. I guess after thinking about this I decided this is a good thing. But...before I left she made appointment for me to go get my boobs squished AKA mammogram. Yippee on Fri 13Th..enuf said... And a firm reminder it's time for my colonoscopy. Crap...Not that time already!!! I think I can put that off for at least another year.
For the next 2 days I will be working another special event about 10hr days. "Snowed In" The city brings in a lot of snow we shovel it around the local park and charge people to play in it. Well..That's what it boils down to. I will blog about it later. Also I will Blog about my jail tour.
Oh, Yeah the pix above is my arm and the nurses said that was the first time someone asked to take a pix. Enjoy....
Oh and Blondie...No blame for a burned butt this time. You know what I mean?! And while were talking Butt's if you look you can see the nurses front butt. Funny Huh?And I told her I wouldn't show her face. My Bad..

Friday, January 9, 2009

Flood Views...

To give perspective on the flood around my home I found some Ariel views for you to see. The first pix is the flood of 2006 and the second this flood in 2009. My property is lined in blue.

Next is looking out across at our neighbors homes as the river receded.

The night when the river was cresting my girls and I were looking out over the park and Bee looked at me with wide eyes and concern in her voice and asked "Mom What's that sound?" As I listened I said "It sounds like a small dog or a rabbit." It was like a yelping screaming sound a small distressed animal would make. And was angered by the thought that someone would leave there animals behind. Well as I walked around today with my hubby I think I found what was making the distressing call. This is distressing for me to see and to know we heard his cries.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Flood Update...

OK whew, all I could think about during the jail tour is the flood and my dogs. How in the world am I going to get in and get them?. All the roads that were closed and hopefully the fear the news puts in you saying this is worse then past floods on and on and on. But when I got to my home I was still able to drive in change my clothes pack a bag with flashlights,cell phone chargers,undies, socks and anything that may be useful. Fetched my dogs and went to a friends. Sorry Blondie for the wet muddy dog mess. My girls were picked up at school early by my friend Chris and I knew they were dry, warm, safe and fed. My mind was at ease. And I heard she was a little stressed herself.( Luv YA girlfriend). My hubby showed up at approx 5:30 and said the river was overflowing the banks in the park and so we stayed at Blondie for a couple of hours and that was enough time for the neighborhood to be completely flooded. We used the closed freeway to drive to the back of our property and snuck in that way. I would post pix's but it looks exactly like the pix's of last floods. And I'm really pooped from not sleeping well always checking the river making sure we were not taking a big risk by staying. This morning the water level is on the way back down and started showing the mess and devastation it's leaving behind.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WARNING: Flood Watch

Here we go again. We are in a serious flood watch. Just GREAT! Flooding and I am PMS'in, and I have a tour of the jail facility today. Ok Minny, Breath In, Breath Out. My concern is if I leave the house will the authorities let me back in?. I will climb a fence if I have to.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If I die..what a beautiful die in the exercise of your passion."

My Pita and I decided to go through a list of must see movies of 2008. According to a critic we were watching on TV he was so into this movie we decided to watch it. In watching this movie this Frenchman Say's. "...if I die..what a beautiful die in the exercise of your passion." I SO love this quote. I will take this quote into the New Year. We should all find our passion. Maybe even find it in everything we do. Take the time to relish in our movement of what we are doing in the moment
Synopsis - Documentary (Man On Wire)
On August 7th 1974, a young Frenchman named Philippe Petit stepped out on a wire illegally rigged between New York's twin towers, then the worlds tallest buildings. Aided by a team of friends and accomplices, Petit was faced with numerous extraordinary challenges: he had to find a way to bypass the WTCs security; smuggle the heavy steel cable and rigging equipment into the towers; pass the wire between the two rooftops; anchor the wire and tension it to withstand the winds and the swaying of the buildings. The rigging was done by night in complete secrecy. At 7:15 AM, Philippe took his first step on the high wire 1,350 feet above the sidewalks of Manhattan James Marshs documentary brings Petits extraordinary adventure to life through the testimony of Philippe himself, and some of the co-conspirators who helped him create the unique and magnificent spectacle that became known as the artistic crime of the century. Pita and I, 2 Thumbs up.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gift That ...Well...Make You Go Hhmmmmm....

There are incidents where people genuinely don't know they are giving a crappy gift. Those are forgivable and gets a little laugh with love. the ones who give crappy gifts and know it! Shame on you! Let see giving objects that you tried to sell at a garage sale and didn't, then give as a gift. Shame on you! Or a gift that is missing parts. Example, mixing beaters without the mixer. Items that have cobwebs, you get a gift that you given the giver, gift cards with no money on it, used clothing, clothing to old to return. These are examples of what I have experienced. Another no no is re-gifting. What the hell is this. When I need to buy a gift I put a lot of thought to what and who I am buying for. If I get a gift I do not like or will not use, I will GIVE IT, to someone who says they would or could use it. But not as a gift. And if you do pass it off as a gift don't give it to someone in the same circle of friends or family. They will spot it. To do these things is insulting and hurtful. A card with nice words or a $5 donation in your name to a charity is a gift that's best. OK, now with that said I got some really great things this year. I like to do a shout out to those people.
1. Hubby's Sister Auntie T and Uncle D sent a Harry and David gift package with apples pears, cheese, summer sausage and some sweet treats. SO YUMMY!
2. Aunt Dee and Danette sent a box of See's chocolates. They disappear and no one knows who ate it.
3. Grandpa D and Uncle D sent cash. Cash is KING...
4. A shout out to my brother J for knowing the girls favorite stores and the generous gift cards you got them. Your Awesome and I know you know it. Also the gift exchange gifts were so awesome and perfect. Starbucks and GI-Joe gift cards
5. And the handmade items from my sister B to the girls
6. My friend Chris crochet me a scarf.
7. Mr.J made Hubby a clock out of Byrle he cut and polished. Very Nice. Thank You!
8. Oh and my Friend Elisa Thank You for my Candle Angel. She's so Pretty!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Crazy Drunk Luck!!!!

Yesterday was a football game get together. We all eat, drink, and play games. Well a good friend of ours Mr. J got Drunk Lucky. He won every game we played and he didn't even know what he was doing. Oh My, of course everyone was like his luck should be running out. So big 100$ bets were laid out and BAM!!!! he So won. Nothing ends game night faster then running out of money. The entertainment was worth ever cent. Of course we ordered a taxi (his wifey) to come get him. Take a peek at my attempt at making a video of him in action. Love Ya Mr. J.....

Just a disclaimer we always return the cash to the original owners. Wink Wink.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's Almost Over...

I put Christmas back in the box and the tree back in the woods. I am exhausted! But we still have New Years, a big game day on January first and 2 parties that were rescheduled because of the snow. My liver is having a difficult time absorbing all the rich Holiday foods. My sister B had a nice get together at her new HUGE home. So this was her first attempt to having a formal dinner. Dear Sister, we do nothing formally. But it was a excellent time. Here is my video of the event. OK, I hate that I didn't get a pix's of everyone. But why am I the only one taking pix's? There were many family members missing from this event. Because the weather was getting sketchy. It must of snowed at least 6 inches while we were there. Just a note, in the video my brother J made our family favorite dessert. Hot Huckleberry Dumplings over vanilla icecream. It's heavenly. Enjoy....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Ornaments...

I have a lot to blog this Holiday but not much time to do it. So I will just post a few pix'things of some pretty things. These ornaments were given to my girls,made at a glass blowing art class by my sister B. They are quite beautiful.

And this next Pix is of Bruts under the tree. Do you think he's trying to be a gift?